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Micropeels Great for Exfoliation

Micropeels are a great choice for exfoliation. Our office has a variety of peels available. Exfoliation from these is a process of removing dead skin cells. As we mature, the turnover of new skin slows down and becomes uneven, leaving the surface looking dry or blotchy, or having a dull finish. Dead skin cells can […] Read More >

We raised $20,000 to fight MS

This year Shirley and Vicki were the lucky two from our office who participated in the 2-day Bike MS: Go BIG or Go Home ride. Starting in Waikoloa, over a hundred cyclists rode to Kapaau the first day and then to Kailua-Kona the second day for a total of 115 miles. Both days were bright […] Read More >

Skin Cancer Screening

Having one or more risks for skin cancer does not mean you will get the disease. It means that you may be more likely to get skin cancer. Persons at increased risk for skin cancer include those who: Have red or blond hair, fair skin, freckles, and blue or light-colored eyes Live in sunny climates […] Read More >

Work day at Hualalai

On August 14th, our Staff split up and visited both Hualalai Resort for their Employee Health Fair and Kukio to visit their Members. Danielle and Shirley visited Hualalai Resort employees and handed out educational materials and signed people up for a prize drawing. They also brought a UV Skin Scope so employees could view the sun […] Read More >