Dr Scheel Luminating Lotion Pigment Corrector


Hydrating and lightweight, the Luminating Lotion Pigment Corrector from Dr. Monica Scheel utilizes natural skin brighteners to promote an even skin tone. With a multipurpose formula, this cream works as a lotion or treatment mask to improve skin health and hydration and prevent future damage.


Formulated with skin-brightening arbutin and hexyl-resorcinol, this hydroquinone-free formula harnesses the power of pigment-correcting botanicals. With added exfoliating peptides to encourage cell turnover, Luminating Lotion will improve visible discoloration and even skin tone. This cream includes peptides and glycerin to support the skin barrier while enhancing overall radiance to prevent inflammation.

  • Brightens discoloration
  • Moisturizes with glycerin
  • Exfoliating peptides shed stained cells