Recent Skin Care Tips

Say Goodbye to Spider Veins!

By Marné J. CarMichael Walsh, PA-C Are you bothered by unsightly spider veins on your legs? Do you avoid wearing shorts in public because you are self-conscious about your spider veins? More than 80% of women over forty have spider veins on their legs. Hereditary factors, trauma, and venous insufficiency all cause spider veins. Obesity, […] Read More >

Five NEW Dr. Scheel Products!

NEW Dr. Scheel Restorative Retinol Eye Repair Cream: "You won't believe your eyes!" This deeply moisturizing cream delivers rich hydration to the delicate skin around the eyes and helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles. State-of-the-art micro-circulation ingredients minimize dark circles and puffiness. NEW Dr. Scheel Bio-Therapy Age Repair: Intense moisturizer cream that combats dryness and [...] Read More >

New Lower Prices on Botox!

We are pleased to announce new lower prices on Botox Cosmetic! This year we achieved the coveted Black Diamond tier with the Allergan Corporation, the parent company of Botox, and they have graciously extended a lower price to us. This allows us to pass our savings on to you! The price for Botox is now [...] Read More >

Bothered by Your Browns?

Do your browns have you down? The brightening news is there are many treatment options available to help minimize your spots and get you looking your best! Many factors come in to play when it comes to brown spots. Some of these factors are genetically influenced but a majority of them have to do with [...] Read More >

A Treatment for Melasma That Worked!

We love to hear from our patients! The following is a testimonial submitted by one of our melasma patients who saw a dramatic improvement in just a few months time. The 2014 Lavaman Waikoloa Olympic Distance Triathlon marked the beginning of my return to the triathlon scene and the day we celebrated my son’s one-year [...] Read More >

Kybella: Double Chin Got You Down?

By Dr. Monica Scheel The American Society of Dermatology Surgery recently found that two-thirds of patients surveyed are bothered by excess fat under their chin, also known as a double chin. This is the same proportion of patients bothered by wrinkles around their eyes! Many of these patients bothered by a double chin are between [...] Read More >

New Icon 1540 Laser in Waimea!

By Marné CarMichael Walsh PA-C Rejuvenate your skin with our new, high-speed, fractionated Icon 1540 skin tightening laser now available in our Waimea office! The new Icon 1540 is a non-ablative, high speed, fractional resurfacing laser that uses 2 different microlenses for greater depth of penetration with minimal downtime. It treats a variety of skin [...] Read More >

Look as Young as You Feel!

By Dr. Monica Scheel Yes, the day will come, likely in your fifties, when you look in the mirror and say….”Wow, my skin is changing.”   You will think, “I work out, eat healthy, try to manage my stress, wear my sunscreen daily and drink water….so what’s going on?”  And, if you don’t do those things, [...] Read More >