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We perform cosmetic treatments such as fillers and relaxers which can help reduce signs of aging.  Make an appointment today for beautiful, glowing skin.

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Aesthetician Menu WomanHydrafacials, Dermaplaning, Hydrabrasion, Peels, and Dermablend Cover Creme.Learn More >

Body Contouring

Top Right  0032 33Safely and effectively eliminate unwanted fat cells in just 25 minutes per treatment with our revolutionary SculpSure technology. Learn More >


Woman with eyes closedWe offer Kybella and a wide range of Relaxers and Fillers, from Botox and Dysport to Fillers like Juvederm, Vollure, Volbella, Voluma, Restylane, and Sculptra.Learn More >

Laser Treatments

Laser Hair Removal, woman with head on hands on reflective glassDiscover more about our Laser Treatments, including Intense Pulsed Light, threeforme, Fractionated Light, CO2 Laser, CO2 Micro Laser, laser hair removal, PicoSure, Tattoo Removal, and PicoTone.Learn More >


Lengthening eyelash with LatisseLatisse is an innovative new FDA-approved treatment for eyelash lengthening. Available by prescription only, Latisse can help enhance patient eyelashes in three areas: length, thickness, and darkness.Learn More >


Patient receiving NovaThreadsNovaThreads are designed to lift areas of the face that are sagging due to the aging process. The procedure is non-surgical and involves no downtime. Learn More >

Scar Improvement

Scar improvement womanResearch conducted in the last 20 years has has shown that lasers can dramatically reduce the crippling-effect of scars. Learn More >

Cosmetic Dermatology Comments From Our Patients

"Tobie at the hilo office was amazing. She made my first facial a wonderful experience. Her knowledge of products, and explanation of each step she performed on me was awesome. I walked out of the office feeling like a brand new women. I recommended Tobie to a few of my friends and coworkers to. She's that good at what she does. Thank you so much Tobie, can't wait to go back for my second treatment. You rock girl!"
-Sabrina G.
"Since the pandemic, I have been getting maskne. I've had two diamond glow facial from Dayna in Waimea. I can already see a difference in my face. Dayna is friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. Thank you and can't wait for my next appointment!" -Bernadette V.
"Dr. Monica Scheel and her staff are the best medical practitioners I’ve experienced during my 70 trips around the sun. Too often, medical offices with great doctors are poorly run - wait a long time - sometimes hours - beyond my appointment time to see the physician, only to get a perfunctory exam and a few minutes. Med schools can train the best docs, but the business management and marketing skills they need to run a practic get short shrift. Unlike too many others, Dr Scheel’s office runs like a Swiss watch - always on time - yet there is never a rush to get me in & out. The nurses, Physician’s Assistants, and Dr Scheel are unfailingly gracious, and thorough in their examinations and discussions about treatments and procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Monica Scheel Dermatology, and have referred friends and associates to her office." - Jim O.
"Very impressed by the beautiful office and professional staff. Kerry did an amazing job on my first appointment and is so sweet and very thorough! Specifically requested her for all of my upcoming sessions!"
- Kamalani

"The Hilo office staff are great! I did a Dermaplane + Diamond glow with Tobie and she is really amazing plus informative. She explains everything throughout the process and it went so smoothly."
-Kawehi N.

I saw PA Brooks for my full skin check as well as my dysport and he is amazing at both medical and cosmetic visits! I have also seen Casey a few times for the new diamondglow facials as well as microneedling and she is very professional and knowledgeable about skincare.

I did the diamond glow facial with Tobie, and I feel it did make me look years younger. It made me feel so confident that I even went to lunch with the girlfriends the next day with no foundation or powder on. I feel that maintenance is part of the fountain of youth and Tobie has the magic potions.

"I recently had a full body skin check and a Diamondglow treatment. I was warmly greeted by Megan in the waiting area and she explained everything that would happen during my appointment, it was a nice start to my appointment. I was met by Brooks and Tara in the exam room for my skin check. Brooks is my man from now on. He showed a real interest and genuine concern throughout my exam. Tara was on the money assisting Brooks during my skin check. I followed up the appointment with a Diamondglow facial from Casey. Casey made me feel comfortable from the moment she met me. It was my first facial and I've already scheduled another based on my experience with her. Upon check out, Lauren was prompt and efficient with my payment and setting up my follow-up appointment. It was a pleasant visit from start to finish."

"Toby at the hilo office was amazing. She made my first facial a wonderful experience. Her knowledge of products, and explanation of each step she performed on me was awesome. I walked out of the office feeling like a brand new women. I recommended Toby to a few of my friends and coworkers to. She's that good at what she does. Thank you so much Toby, can't wait to go back for my second treatment. You rock girl."

"Had my first appointment with Refresh by Dr. Monica today.  What a great experience.  I was blown away by their customer service, attention to detail, knowledge and professionalism.  Everyone was so genuinely kind.  Truly a breath of fresh air for Hilo." - Jaque K.

I had the pleasure of my first visit to the Hilo Refresh Clinic! One word - WOW! Dr. Monica and Staff could not have been be more friendly and professional. Beautiful new space in Hilo with a fresh vibe. Dr. Monica was so kind and informative throughout my appointment. Her Staff is welcoming and thoughtful. Honored to call Refresh by Dr. Monica and Staff my beauty refresh place!!

-Michele B.

THIS is how you run a medical practice: scrupulously punctual, unfailingly warm and considerate, thorough in their treatment, never rushed, and most important of all, highly trained and superbly skilled in their medical arts. Dr. Scheel, PA Natalie, and the entire staff set the high bar for the practice, both the medical care AND the business arts, of medicine. Brava!


I highly recommend Dr Scheel's office. I am a long time patient of Dr. Scheel. I can still remember my first visit. I was very impressed with the most thorough dermatological exam I had ever received and the care that went into that visit with a complete body scan and mole/spot mapping that is still referred to today. While I still maintain my medical visits with Dr. Scheel and her PA's, I have also ventured into Cosmetic visits to her office. I have been seen by Dr. Scheel, as well as her PA's and other providers and have had several procedures ranging from fillers and relaxers to hair removal, etc. I most recently received fillers from Tricia, who did an amazing job making me look refreshed and natural (never overdone). I trust in Dr. Scheel and her entire team for all of my dermatological needs.  - Kim Y.

My friend and I both came together for some “youth maintenance” heehee.. We had the BEST time. The office is classy, clean and cheerful. I think the front desk staff is extremely professional, kind and accommodating. I have had nothing but pleasant experiences at this office. We requested Patricia to do our services because I have seen her before. As always she exceeds expectations! She is truly an artist. Very professional, takes her time with you and makes you feel important. I love when doctors/nurse aren’t rushing around the room busy busy trying to get you out fast. She sat down, looked us in the eye and really found out exactly what we each wanted and how we could accomplish that. She is honest and upfront. We were thrilled and are so happy to be clients and this fabulous dermatology office. I would recommend Monica Scheel dermatology to anyone. I would also recommend asking for Patricia because I think she’s amazing! Thanks again guys!

This office is the best. I was having a hydrafacial and asked Linda Jo to look at something on my neck. She went and got one of the PA’s to look at it. It was biopsied and removed within two weeks. We are so lucky to have these people who listen to us and keep us well. And… keep us looking our best as we get older. Win, Win.

A week ago I had a TCA peel with Linda Jo. She really impressed me with her knowledge and skill in applying the peel. She explained step by step the process and what I was going to feel making sure that I was comfortable all along the way. One week later I am very pleased with the results. I’ve noticed a decrease in brown spots and smother and clearer skin. Patsy the PA is also very knowledgeable. She stopped in for a couple of minutes to give me advice on a persistent rash. Very pleased with this office and the results. Already booked my next appointment with Linda Jo.

I came to Dr. Scheel’s office with a lot of sun damage accumulated over the years having lived in sunny climates most of my life. After just one IPL session, almost all the brown spots on my face disappeared. I was so happy with the results that I dared to try something I didn’t think I’d ever do … botox & fillers. Bye bye wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, hello plumper lips! I’m totally sold on these treatments and highly recommend Dr. Scheel and her staff if you have any skin-related concerns, cosmetic or medical. In fact, next time I’m going in for a skin exam because one of the PAs who gave me a peel recently noticed some spots on my arm that might be of concern. I love that they are not only focused on the cosmetic side of things but also on the lookout for medical issues that I may not have noticed. That’s genuine care of their patients!

I am very pleased with the first IPL and how Pam worked with me on it. The other IPL I had elsewhere was really NOTHING like this one – which was just a few spots were hit, and it produced no visible results – waste of money after two visits – it was a GROUPON – nothing I’d do again. This IPL really made a big difference. I know those brown spots on my cheeks and one near my mouth were very predominant – and they looked so horrible. Now, I can barely see them. And, overall, less spots. And, it’s just the first IPL!

Before I began working with Dr. Monica Scheel in 2005, I was a former Southern California beach lifeguard, a lifelong swimmer and a bonafide sun worshiper. After consulting with Monica, I realized my skin was not “too far gone,” as I believed, and that she could help. Between better sun awareness, the use of hat and sunscreen and more protective clothing (sleeves), avoiding peak sun hours and finding shade as well as IPL’s, PDT and laser treatment from Monica, I have lost the “fried” look. My skin appears and feels ten years younger. I don’t need to look 35, I just want to be a dam good 50! Thanks, Monica, for saving me!

Read her full story, "Reformed Sun Bunny" here.

Dr. Scheel and her staff are very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. As soon as you enter into their state-of-the-art facility you are treated like royalty, and are made to feel at home. With the advice and guidance of Dr. Scheel and her staff, my complexion has never looked so good and I am complimented on my complexion often. My complexion is softer, firmer, brighter and youthful looking.

After twenty-four years of daily acne outbreaks and scarring on my face, I now have had a clear complexion for four months! I am beyond thrilled!

I am absolutely thrilled with the results of my cosmetic procedures. I am constantly getting compliments on how great my skin looks.