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Hair Restoration

There are many challenging factors that influence hair loss and hair thinning. Some forms of hair loss can be related to underlying medical conditions while others are a result of hormonal changes as we age. At Dr. Monica Scheel Dermatology we specialize in diagnosing and treating all forms of hair loss. We first recommend booking an appointment to discover the cause of hair loss, from there we can customize a treatment plan. Treatments for hair loss and thinning can include special supplements, nutrition consulting, prescription medications, steroid injections, and PRP injections.


Nutrafol is a specially formulated natural supplement that helps improve hair growth, strength, and thickness. Nutrafol is the only supplement that targets stress which is one of the root causes of hair thinning and can help reduce shedding. Best of all Nutrafol is 100% natural and drug-free.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma)

PRP is produced by drawing a patient’s own blood and then centrifuging it to draw out a high concentration of platelets. The PRP is then injected into the scalp in areas of hair loss or thinning. The platelets injected into the scalp release numerous growth factors that bind to hair follicles and promote hair growth and increased hair density. Three PRP injections are typically needed at one-month intervals. Maintenance treatments are needed every 6-12 months. PRP is highly effective and gives long-lasting results.

PRP Therapy


Dr. Monica Scheel Dermatology offers specially formulated hair growth prescriptions for men and women. Our prescriptions are customized to target the many factors that contribute to hair loss and thinning. Various oral medications are also available that can help with hair loss depending on the root cause.


Hair Restoration Before and After

Hair Restoration Before and After - Back of Head

From Our Patients

After several years of suffering with a skin condition on my hands, fingers and back, I went to a dermatologist (not Dr. Scheel) about 4 years ago. That doctor spent 5 minutes in the room with me, said it was psoriasis and nothing could be done about it.

I had heard of Dr. Scheel so decide to try a different dermatologist. My 1st exam was 45 minutes, at which time Dr. Scheel checked all of my skin and asked questions about my health and life style, stress level. She suggested doing a test to see if I had allergy or intolerance to 30 different foods, because that can be a cause. After the test results came back, we met again and was told that 5 foods (refined sugar, cows milk, wheat, eggs and oats) were at high levels in my body and that they all can cause inflammation (which psoriasis is).

Within the 1st 2 weeks of my new diet, I noticed that my psoriasis was diminishing and by the 5-month mark, it was virtually gone. Hooray!

While Melasma can be an extremely difficult skin condition to treat and can reoccur at any time – one that I may have to battle with for the rest of my life – I now feel that I have learned enough from Dr. Scheel to not let it get out of control as I allowed it to before.

Thank you Dr. Monica Scheel for taking the time to care and making me feel beautiful again from the inside-out. And thank you for helping me to believe that there is hope for Melasma.

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