ISDIN Glicoisdin 25 Intense

Reveal your best skin yet

A renewing facial gel designed to combat stubborn pigmentation and smooth the appearance of fine lines. Its light-texture formula contains 9.5% free glycolic acid to actively exfoliate and support skin turnover. Created with soothing aloe vera to help ease skin irritation. Enjoy your most luminous, uniform complexion yet with Glicoisdin Intense Gel.



A rejuvenating gel formula designed for skin that’s uneven in tone, combining the exfoliating power of glycolic acid with the nourishing properties of aloe vera. Exfoliates: Stimulates the skin’s natural renewal process to promote skin turnover. Unifies: Promotes an even skin tone and significantly diminishes the appearance of dark spots. Refreshes: Revives rough, dull-looking skin, revealing a smooth, radiant complexion.

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