Restorsea Pro Travel Kit

Pro kit includes Restorsea: Pro Rebalancing Lotion, Pro Intensive Hand Treatment 10x, Pro Line Blur Eye Cream, Pro Foaming Facial Cleanser, Pro Firming Eye Serum, and Pro Intensive Treatment 10x.



Restorsea is the only medical-grade skincare line formulated with non-toxic ingredients. All Restorsea products contain a proprietary enzyme called Aquabeautine XL- an enzyme released by salmon at the time of hatching. This enzyme is unique in that it is the only exfoliator, that we know of, that cleaves only the dead skin cells and leaves the living, healthy skin cells untouched. As a result, skin looks radiant, smooth, even in tone and texture without experiencing any of the side effects (e.g. redness, thinning skin, irritation) associated with using traditional exfoliators.