2nd Annual Health and Wealth Golf Tournament

This year, our group at Dr. Monica Scheel’s Dermatology office partnered together with Taylor Easley and Associates to host the 2nd annual Health and Wealth Golf Tournament at Hualalai. It was a beautiful day under the sun with a number of novice and experienced golfers. Everyone that came out to play was happily lathered in sunscreen provided by our office staff. We were even on hand to help apply to those “hard to reach” places and we are proud to report that there was not a single sunburn!

The tournament is a gift and dedicated to our wonderful patients and clients that support us throughout the year. It happens thanks to our office’s partnership with Taylor Easley and his company, who provide us financial advice and a retirement plan. There were a number of prizes donated and a lot of happy golfers in the end. Lunch was served on the beach at the “Resident’s Beach House” where laughter, stories, and talk of the day rang out. Thank you to all that participated and volunteered! Benefits like these help to promote health and financial awareness in our community and bring us all together!

Mahalo again to Dr. Monica Scheel and Taylor Easley for a grand day!

golf tournament photos