Derm Course Graduates!

Congratulations to the 14 staff members who have finished the Dermatology Technician course!

It’s a 35-hour home-study online course to better understand dermatologic conditions and how we can best help our patients.  Seven of these staff members went on to complete the 6-month practical course and become Certified Dermatology Technicians!! They are: Marné Carmichael Walsh, PA-C CDT, Tricia Achay Gannon PA-C CDT, Gracia Malendres CDT, Alyssa McCord CDT, Vicki Brasher CDT, Pam Santimer, LPN CDT, and Linda Jo Kolder, CDT.

We are really proud of you all!! We take pride is our motto “Personalized Expert Skin Care”!   All of our staff are highly trained and certified in dermatology and skin care.

Derm Tech

Donna, Danielle, Charlene, Marne, Pam, Linda Jo, Alyssa
(Not pictured: Gracia, Tricia, Stephanie, Nancy, Alison, Julie, Vicki)