Introducing Volbella: Lip Plumping Magic!

Whether you were born with lush lips that have lost their plumpness with age or you never had full lips to begin with but want a more youthful look, Volbella is an excellent solution. Volbella also softens the appearance of vertical lip lines above the lips often caused by sun exposure or repeated muscle movement (smiling, sipping, puckering, smoking, etc).


Volbella is the first and only FDA-approved filler proven to rejuvenate the appearance of your lips for up to 12 months with just one treatment and also restore fullness while providing a gorgeous, smooth look. Even those with naturally full lips will benefit from Volbella’s ability to enhance lip shape. If you are worried that your lips will look unnatural or disproportionate after being treated, Volbella eliminates that problem by providing gentle contouring and plumping that doesn’t look harsh or too drastic.

Below are before and after photos of two of our patients who’ve had Volbella injected. For those wanting even fuller looking lips, Volbella can be layered with Juvéderm.

Volbella used to restore fullness and enhance lip shape.
Lips & peri-oral before-after
Volbella used to reduce the appearance of vertical lip lines and provide added volume and definition to lips.