Free Skin Cancer Screenings

IMG_1173 copyFree Skin Cancer Screenings
By Linda Jo Kolder & Marné CarMichael Walsh

As a community service, Dr. Scheel opens the office for a day to screen people for skin cancer. Our free screening was held May 7th and 82 people came within a span of just two hours!

We collectively diagnosed 32 actinic keratosis, four basal cell carcinoma, three squamous cell carcinoma, and 21 people had Melafind scans to look for dysplastic nevi or melanoma. Six of these people were scheduled for a biopsy after their Melafind scan to rule out Melonoma skin cancer.

Dr. Chris Lum, a Dermatic Pathologist honored us for another year speaking to people on skin cancer. Cathy Tanaka, of SkinCeuticals did a presentation on the importance of antioxidants, sunscreen, and Vitamin A products for cancer prevention and skin health. Dr Landon Opunui, a Naturopathic Doctor spoke with people on the benefits of nutrition and skin health. Linda Jo Kolder showed people their UV damage under a special light and educated them on ways to help protect. Gracia Malendres used the Melafind to scan suspicious moles. Dr. Scheel, Patsy Colvin, PA-C, Marné CarMichael Walsh, PA-C,  and Renae Stephens, RN, screened our community members and their moles. Danielle Vasquez, Vicki Brasher, Alyssa McCord and Janet McHugh made it all flow smoothly.

Everyone who visited each of the five rooms before or after their personal skin screening received snacks and a goodie bag full of educational materials, sunscreen, SPF 45 lip balm,  and antioxidant samples, and other sun protective items.


Dr. Scheel also supported the 26th Annual North Hawaii Senior Health Fair on May 28th. Marné CarMichael Walsh PA-C, joined Dr. Michelle Shimizu and Dr. Melissa Gosland in performing skin checks on seniors attending the fair. Sun protection was reviewed with each patient and handouts on skin cancer were provided.  Altogether, 53 skin checks were performed with diagnosis of 8 skin cancers and numerous pre-skin cancers. These patients were then given recommendations for further treatment.  Marne’s daughter, Kahelelani, also volunteered by talking to the seniors in the waiting room and walking each patient with their paperwork to the exam rooms.