Men and Cosmetic Medicine

Men & Cosmetic MedicineBy Patsy Colvin, PA-C Statistics show that MEN are the fastest growing segment of the cosmetic medicine population, now representing 10% of all cosmetic treatments. Men are particularly interested in minimally invasive procedures with little downtime. More than one million minimally invasive procedures were performed on men last year. Men are spending more time and money on their appearance than ever before, and their presence in the market is expected to continue to grow rapidly. There are many reasons for this trend. Hair removal, facial rejuvenation, and reduction of wrinkles all improve appearance and give men a big boost to their self-esteem. Reality television and social media have brought attention to cosmetic procedures, and many women speak openly and comfortably about receiving treatments. Whereas many men were previously unaware that there were procedures that could address their aging concerns, they now have a heightened awareness. Much like going to a gym in order to achieve a better physique, visiting a barber/hair stylist, or seeking treatments for hair loss, there is no longer a stigma attached to utilizing cosmetic services; they all help achieve similar goals. Other reasons driving this trend are that men feel a desire to remain competitive and relevant in the workplace, so they want a more youthful, less tired and less stressed appearance as they get older. Men on the dating scene want to look good at any age, and this is especially true of older men who may be back to dating following death or divorce. Research also shows that men are far more likely to seek cosmetic services if their significant other suggests that she would like for them to. Men with a younger spouse are more likely to seek cosmetic treatments as well. Doctors have studied the differences in anatomy in the male and female face and have made adjustments in treatment techniques to suit men better. The most popular treatments among men are: Double chin – Many men are unhappy with submental fat, commonly called a double chin. Kybella, a minimally invasive procedure to treat a double chin, is highly effective in removing the fat under the chin. Skin care products – Many men are interested in presenting a well-groomed appearance in today’s society. Medical grade skin care products bring the skin to a state of good health and good looks. Wrinkles – Relaxers, such as Botox and Dysport , known as “Brotox“ in the media today, are the treatment of choice to smooth facial wrinkles, such as those outside the eyes (crow’s feet) and on the forehead. Bags under the eyes – Fillers can help to minimize the appearance of bags under the eyes and replace lost volume in the face, giving a man a fresher, more relaxed look. Brown spots/age spots – There are several treatments that can be used, often in combination, to reduce or eliminate brown spots. Removal of unwanted hair – Hair can be removed from wherever it is growing, the back, chest and even the ears! Many men like to remove the beard on their necks because it eliminates the possibility of folliculitis, or shaving related bumps.