Sponsor Dr. Scheel in Bike MS Ride


Since I was in medical school and we had a woman come to talk to our group on her life with Multiple Sclerosis, I have been impacted and had a desire to help.  Over my 20 year career in medicine, I have seen huge advancements in research and treatment of MS.   I continue to help to try to find more help for these patients and am heart-warmed that now some of them have the ability to ride next to me during MS Bike!  What a long way we have come and there is still more work to do!  This year will be our third year to be an official sponsor of the Bike Hawaii for MS and we will have “Team Sunscreen” onsite to provide sun protection and cheering to over 200 riders and volunteers!

Please sponsor me by going to this link!


Sponsors will be recognized on our facebook, website and next newsletter, Thank you for caring and helping!

Prizes for our highest sponsors!

1st place: IPL photofacial face, neck and chest ($660 value) + Dr. Scheel Foundation of Skin Health Kit ($297) = $957 value

2nd place: Visia computer skin analysis and skin consultation ($50 value) + Hydrafacial MD face, neck and chest ($145 value) + Dr. Scheel’s Vitamin C cream or serum = $294 value

3rd place: Skin brightening Peel ($95 value), Youngblood mineral makeup consultation and application ($50) + Dr. Scheel’s new tinted antioxidant SPF = $183 value

Thank you for your support!