Ellman Cortex Laser – Part II


In January, I talked about our new Ellman Cortex Laser and its two different settings to help renew and restore the skin, the Erbium laser and the CO2 laser. I showed the results I personally obtained using the CO2 laser. This time, I share with you results and testimonials from others who have had Ellman Cortex laser treatments in our office.

Below are before and after photos of a CO2 laser patient and what she had to say about her treatment:

“The CO2 Laser completely changed and rejuvenated my face. I have a fresh new palette of skin … clearer, brighter, tighter, glowing and a bonus of raised eye brows. Gone are the all the spots and the red blotches of cancer cells I used to have across my nose and cheeks. I cannot say enough positive things. And, to me, the treatment was not painful. Thank you, Dr. Monica Scheel!!”

IMG_5517jpg2 & 5996jpg2

IMG_5519jpg & 6003jpg

Here’s a post-laser photo and testimonial of another happy laser patient. Unfortunately, no photo prior her treatment was available but her words tell the story.



“I am very thankful for this treatment. It has helped to plump up my skin, making the quality of my face tissue much stronger and younger looking. It has reduced the fine wrinkles and seems to have added some thickness to my face. My mother and friends keep commenting on how much  the treatment has made me look younger.”