Reformed Sun Bunny

Ipl Before I began working with Dr. Monica Scheel in 2005, I was a former Southern California beach lifeguard, a lifelong swimmer and a bonafide sun worshipper. After consulting with Monica, I realized my skin was not “too far gone,” as I believed, and that she could help. Between better sun awareness, the use of hat and sunscreen and more protective clothing (sleeves), avoiding peak sun hours and finding shade as well as IPL’s, PDT and laser treatment from Monica, I have lost the “fried” look. My skin appears and feels ten years younger. I don’t need to look 35, I just want to be a damn good 50! Thanks, Monica, for saving me! Karlyn Pipes Inspirational Speaker, Swim Technique Guru, Author of The Do-Over karlynpipes.com aquaticedge.org Karlyn Running Karlyn Beach Karlyn Biking