Cosmetic injections are now even safer with AccuVein

safer cosmetic injections with accuvein

When performing aesthetic procedures, we now use the AccuVein AV400 to help guide our cosmetic injections.  The AccuVein is a handheld, vein illuminator tool that digitally enhances superficial veins on the skin surface. Some of these veins may not have been visible with the naked eye.

By mapping out these veins prior to injecting fillers and relaxers, we can significantly reduce the probability of inadvertently disrupting a vein thereby reducing the chance of bruising.  Patients love the fact that we take the time and special care to use the AccuVein and have reported less discomfort and higher patient satisfaction as a result.

When performing sclerotherapy (injecting spider veins), the Accuvein aids us in locating “root” or “feeder” veins.  This enhances the effectiveness and accuracy when treating branching veins thereby decreasing the necessary number of injections.

At Dr. Scheel’s offices, we do everything possible to minimize discomfort and maximize safety.  AccuVein enhances the safety of the many cosmetic injections we perform daily and has become an essential tool in both the Kona and Waimea offices. Ask for a demonstration of the Accuvein at your next cosmetic injection!