Bye-bye Tired Eyes!

Tired of looking tired? Filler injections can be used to correct dark circles, under-eye hollowing, and volume loss that contribute to tired-looking eyes. A quick and non-invasive way to look refreshed with long-lasting results.

Shadowing under the eyes can happen for a number of reasons. The first thing to know: If your dark circles are caused by pigment or by vascular issues, filler isn’t going to magically erase them. However, if you have hollowing under your eyes, you’re in luck.  Filler is a great option for people who lack volume under the eyes.  With age, as fat compartments in the face drop, the under-eye area separates from the cheek, giving a hollow appearance. This also occurs in some young people because of genetics and the natural shape of the face. Fillers can be used to create a smooth transition between the under-eye area and the upper cheek.

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