Save The Date For Our FREE Skin Cancer Screening!

FREE Skin Cancer Screening

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

2 PM – 4 PM

 Open to the public. All ages welcome.

Location: Kona Office. Above Costco. 73-5618 Maiau Street, Suite A204, Kailua-Kona

In 2019 We found 45 Melanomas, 323 Squamous Cell Carcinomas and 425 Basal Cell Carcinomas in our office.  Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. It does not play favorites. Anyone can get melanoma (even those with darker skin) and you can get it anywhere on the skin and even some non-skin areas such as inside the eye. It is important to know this because every year over 10,000 people die in the United States from melanoma with the incidence of this deadly cancer rising at a steady rate. The good news is that with early detection and treatment survival rates for melanoma can be more than 90%. This is why it is important to get checked at least annually and to have your whole body checked, including those areas that are unexposed to the sun.

What to expect at the screening:

Free spot check by a Dermatology Profesional.

See your UV damage in our skin scope.

Learn how to protect your skin.

Find out about the dangers and signs of skin cancer.

Free reef-safe sunscreen samples and snacks.

First come, first served.

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