Staying On The Cutting Edge

Dr. Scheel and her PA’s spent the day with injection specialists learning cutting edge advanced injection techniques. We are excited to bring these newly learned skills to our patients. Some of the techniques include jawline definition, tired eye correction, and more defined lips.

Dsc 2863


Jawline definition with filler

Dsc 3080

Marne Jaw 2 Marne Jaw

(before & immediately after)

A well-defined jaw can be the foundation of a balanced face, an attractive profile, and a youthful appearance. A non-surgical jawline enhancement treatment is a minimally invasive method to increase definition to better frame the face, contour an unbalanced jawline, reduce the appearance of jowls or other age-related jawline changes.


Chin enhancement with filler

Dsc 3167

Kerry Chin Profile

(before & immediately after)

Non-surgical chin enhancement can correct a weak or recessive chin without invasive surgery. Enhancing the shape of the chin can improve the profile and bring balance to the facial features.


Defined lips with filler

Dsc 3141

Tricia Lips

(before & immediately after)


Improving aging hands with filler

Dsc 3303

By injecting fillers into the hands you are able to plump and smooth the skin, reducing the visibility of wrinkles and sagging skin.