Smile….You Look Great!

Monica - faceSmile….You Look Great!
By Dr. Scheel

Perioral augmentation is one of the most common treatments we offer at Dr. Monica Scheel Dermatology.   Many women notice that after age 45 there are dramatic changes around the mouth that they wish to reverse. We hear  the complaints!!

  • Bar code upper lip
  • Smoker’s lines
  • My mouth makes me look sad
  • I have parentheses around my mouth
  • My lipstick seeps into the creases
  • I used to have fuller lips
  • I have jowls
  • My chin looks like a golf ball

All of these things can be rejuvenated!

We can use Hyaluronic acid, the most common sugar in your skin and the most common ingredient in moisturizers, to fill areas of lost volume.   These come as brand names like Restylane, Perlane (see specials section for rebates), Juvederm and Belotero.

We can also relax muscles that cause lip lines, pull down the jaw, create dimples in the chin or drag the corners of the mouth into a frown. We use products like Botox, Dysport or Xeomin to relax (not freeze) muscles. Done correctly for your face you get a softening of lines at rest and a subtly lifted face!

We also use lasers to thicken the collagen, soften lines, shrink pores, prevent pre-cancers/skin cancer, firm, tighten and give the skin a beautiful glow (see our article on CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing).

Wrinkles, one of the most common complaints are the most difficult to fix. Many times you need more than one type of treatment! If you fill the upper lip too much, it may not have any lines but it looks like a “duck lip”.   The aesthetically proportioned lip should be 40% top and 60% bottom, not the other way around!

monica - lips

If you relax it too much, you dribble your Starbucks.

If you do a little of everything…it’s just right!   Dr. Scheel recommends a conservative three step approach for most women:

  • Filler: ½ cc of Restylane – $325
  • Relaxer: Botox or Dysport for movement – $100
  • CO2 laser, perioral – $250
  • Don’t smoke, whistle or drink from a straw – free
  • Use your Zinc > 7% Sunblock and Retin-A – priceless!

 Monica - lips before and after


A ½ -1cc of Restylane will put a little plumpness in your lips without making you look like Goldie Hawn in “First Wives’ Club”

Monica - lips before and after1

This is Restylane in the lips and the nasolabial fold (2 cc).


When we lose volume in our mid-face, things head south. Putting in some structure, in the form of fillers, lifts everything back up. Many times in women over 50, this requires 3 syringes of filler ($1500) but what an amazing difference this can make! Soften lip lines, trace out the lip borders, fill the nasolabial fold and marionette lines, pop up the corners of the mouth….and watch those jowls fade into the background! It opens up and lifts the whole face!

Monica - lips before and after2

Let us help you if these are issues that bother you.   Come to one of our evening events to see Dr. Scheel inject (Voluma/Juvederm/Botox – October 16th) into one of our patients.   Seeing is believing that these treatments don’t hurt, look natural and are instant! We offer amazing specials on those evenings and once you’ve made a purchase, you will get our email specials each quarter.

If you prefer one-on-one information, you can book a personalized cosmetic consult with one of our nurses. You will get a computer skin analysis (Visia), a detailed rejuvenation plan and samples of skin care products right for you. The $50 charge can be applied to any treatment.

We enjoy helping women to look as good as they feel!